Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sugar Snap Pea Harvest

The sugar snap harvest was pretty successful this year, I guess as far as it goes with the short springs here that get hot so quickly.

Above is the first harvest I got from the peas that were interplanted with trombocino squash in full sun. I picked them on June 12th, and pulled the plants out that same day because they already had started turning brown. Plus I wanted to give more room to the squash as soon as possible.That same day I picked these from the other side of the yard. Since these plants were in part shade, they hadn't yet started turning brown. There were a lot more peas on the vines but they hadn't plumped up yet so I left them in to grow some more and see how much longer they'd last.

This is the second batch harvested from those plants on June 20th. There are some more peas left on the vines that need picking as of today, but June was really hot this year so even these vines are half brown now too. So that's pretty much it for peas 2010.

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