2011 Harvests

Mache: April 20th. Already half bolted. 

Lesson learned: pick in March next year.

Swiss Chard: April 20th. Biennial leaves still tasty. Starting to bolt by May 20th.

Arugula: April 20th. Self-seeded plants already bolting. Seeds I planted still in baby stage on April 20th, then small size on May 22nd, but already starting to bolt.

Cilantro: May 10th. Already very bolted.
Lesson learned: pick in April next year.

Chives: First flowers around May 10th or so. Maybe a week earlier. Lastharvest of flowers: 5/28

Fiddleheads: Already unfurled by May 10th. Missed harvest window.
Lesson learned: watch closely in April to catch harvest window!

Radishes: May 20th. Some very nice fresh ones, bulbed well due to the rainy spring. Many still small though.
Lesson learned: plant way more radishes next year.

Strawberries: First picked May 20th. More turning red throughout following week. Last harvest: First week of June.
Lesson learned: had fewer plants grow back than last season. Hardly any new runners. Must have been killed by last year's heat waves. If this happens again, try covering with shade cloth and/or mulch. However, harvest was a lot better than I thought it would be.

Lettuce: Harvested self-sown red romaine May 20th. Delicious, even though self-sown. Seeds I direct-sowed are still very small as of May 22nd, with poor germination. Last lettuce harvest: TBA
Lesson learned: ??? unsure why direct seeded plants are so small. Possibly start earlier inside then transplant earlier too.

Carrots: Harvested on July 30.
Lesson learned: Don't let seedlings get choked by weeds. Lost many, down to only about 10 plants from 1st direct-seeding as of weeding on May 22nd.

Turnips: Ready to pick by beginning of July. Actual harvest (half) on July 30.

Mustard Greens: Ready to harvest mid June. Green bolted earlier than purple. Done by early July.

Blackberries: First (barely) ripe berries on July 15th.The rest got burnt to a crisp by a record 106 degree heatwave the next week. (*cries*)

Peas: June 15th. Ones in shade a week or so later.

Peppers: Albinos July 8th. Could have stayed on longer, but I took them off b/c plant needs to grow bigger. light green Bananarama & (fully orange) Lttle Dickens July 14th.Jalapeno: 2 baby sized red ones on 7/20.

Merlot tomatoes: 1st red picked on August 2nd.

Cavili squash: 1st harvested Aug. 2nd. (Small gourmet stage)

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