Saturday, June 19, 2010

Insect Control Structures

So I'm trying out new ways to control insect problems this year. Above, you see a low tunnel (at least I think that's what it would be called) that is covering two cavili squash plants, to protect them from Squash Vine Borers. I built it just like I did the others described in this post. In fact, I used the wires from the winter rowcovers and just moved them over. The only difference is this time instead of tying the cover on with rope, I just clipped it on with clothespins and used rocks to hold down the bottoms. I also used the lightest grade of Agribon so they won't get too hot under there.

So far, they seem to be working very well. It was these plants I grew from seed, and now they're very big with 3 squash growing on them. They are supposed to be self-pollinating, so I won't have to take the covers off, or try to hand pollinate them. The fruits have been there for about a week now, and are still only about 3 inches long though, so I'm a bit worried they're not getting pollinated for some reason. I guess we'll see how it goes this week.

The other rowcover experiment I'm trying this year is kind of a crazy contraption.
Underneath this Abgribon are 5 Diva Cucumber plants, that need protection from cucumber beetles. I've already seen lots of them around the yard, so they are definitely a big problem. All my cukes were decimated by them the past two summers, so I knew I had to try something because I love cucumbers! The Diva cukes I grew from seed are also self-pollinating, so hopefully this will do the trick.

The problem is they grow up a trellis, so I had to get creative. What I did was use extra-srength outdoor velcro to attach the rowcover to the fence. Unfortunately, I guess because the fence was old and dirty, it didn't stick very well and is starting to peel off. I'm going outside now for my second attempt - this time I'm going to staple the velcro to the fence.

Otherwise, they seem to be growing pretty well under there. I haven't been able to look at them in over a week since I didn't want to completely pull the velcro off until I had time to staple it, so I'm excited to go out there now and take a peek! Hopefully I'll see some flowers...

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Julie said...

Hi aubade, i have a zucchini tunnel with cavili inside myself. Works like a charm! How'd those cukes turn out?

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