Saturday, July 11, 2009

Today's Garden Tasks: Updated

Good thing it is a beautiful sunny day here in the 70's, as there is lots to do!

1. Weed & cover paths with straw
2. Weed strawberry bed & mint/fern bed
3. Trim herb bed which looks like a wild and crazy jungle right now
4. Pull old peas & bolted lettuce then replant with new lettuce, beets & carrots
5. Spray with more baking soda/soap mixture to keep away powdery mildew
6. Fertilize with a little more Maxicrop, or maybe Bonnie soybean stuff. I haven't decided yet. Gardenweb told me not to put on anything but I'm going on my own here and going to do at least a little weak solution of one or the other.

I think that's it. Like as if it isn't enough! Hopefully I'll get it all done. Then tomorrow no work - going swimming in the lake!

UPDATE: Ugh. This weekends garden tasks = FAIL. First, my dog JJ got sick, poor fuzzball was pooing green and vomiting so we had to take him to the emergency vet. Turns out he is now fine after taking a little bit of medicine, but, it was scary. On top of that, I appear to have some kind of bad chest cold or possibly bronchitis. Going to the doctor tomorrow. So, with help from my partner all we got done was some weeding and 3/4 of the paths covered with hay. Needless to say, I didn't get to the lake either. Oh well, try again next weekend...

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