Thursday, July 9, 2009

What's Up Doc

I just pulled this row of beautiful carrots on Tuesday. I planted them closer together than recommended on the seed packets, in two rows using a staggered pattern. So I'm really happy they grew this well!

I think if I left them in longer they would have gotten bigger, but they were a little too close to my cucumbers. Happily there is still a whole other row, so this is less than half of what I'll get. Wuhoo! I'm also very pleased b/c last year my carrots barely grew at all. Must be b/c they got more sun this year + a better variety of seed (Napoli hybrid, Eliot Coleman's favorite type).

They are really sweet tasting too. I've just been eating them raw so far, like Bugs Bunny. Tonight I will probably make a shredded carrot salad, with some lemon juice & herbs.

I'm going to plant more for a fall harvest soon.

And now I have to post a gratuitous JJ picture. :-) I went on a camping trip for four days this weekend that didn't allow dogs, so Mom took care of him. Boy did I miss this furry little guy, barking and all! He loves carrots.


Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

Your carrots! So incredible!

UNI said...

lOVE LOVE the picture of your dog.
sweet crop o' carrots too!

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