Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tons of FREE Chamomile plants! Come and Get Em

Remember these chamomiles gone wild?

Well, that was NOTHING! haha

They got so huge. It was like a city of chamomile back here until just now, I had to dig them out because they were taking up too much space and crowding out the other herbs. It was a job, let me tell you!!

But, now I have tons of perfectly awesome chamomile plants!! I would love to give them away to anyone. FREE!

I don't have enough soil or pots to put them all in though, unfortunately. So people need to come and get them now! Post a comment to get more info.

I hardly have enough time to plant all of the plants I bought at the nursery on Thurs, never mind replant all of these chamomiles. But I hate to waste them, They are so cute!

I'm gonna put it on Craig's list of Freecycle, but here my blog is first to know. Feel free to repost to anyone you know in the area who might want them!

1 comment:

Jeni Treehugger said...

Great freecycle - I bet you get rid of them no problem. Wish I could have a few off you because after moving house (I gave a lot of potted plants away to my friends) I am now left with one teeny Chamomile Plant that is sharing a pot with Mint and Nettle so I don't fancy it's chances very much. I have more Seeds though so not to fret.
You wait and see what I've done to my new garden!!!

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