Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gardening is Hardcore

Only for the headstrong. That's what one of my favorite musicians, dj Frankie Bones, used to say back in 1992 (except he was talking about hardcore techno, not gardening haha). I think he still does actually. In any case, it is probably one of the reasons I always liked him - I think I am a pretty hardcore person. What I mean by that is when I do something, I like to do it BIG. I don't like to do things half-way, if I like something enough to do it, I like to do it right and put my whole self into it. I realized recently, while gardening, that this was something still true about me. In just one year look at how much I've done - oh no, not just a couple tomato plants for me. I've got to do it UP! haha

Little did I know how much work it could be, which got me thinking again on Sunday, man, this is hardcore! I had gone to Brock Farms nursery on Thursday and bought all of my summer heat loving plants, but knew I couldn't get to planting them until Sunday. Since I didn't want them staying in the pots for too long (plus they brought tiny black ants into my kitchen, yuck. Anyone know how to get rid of them?) I knew I had to plant them all on Sunday.

I got out there about noon, and realized, wow, I have a lot to do and better get going! So I worked as fast and furiously as I could, and would you believe, still only got about 1/3 of what I needed to do, done by darkness. The good news is I got all the veggies and herb plants in, including transplanting some chard, chives and parsley still alive from last year in my 1st raised bed into the herb garden & digging out all of that chamomile! But, I did not have a chance to sow any seeds, put the trellises together, or make the wire hoop houses. I worked so hard, bending and digging for at least 7 hours straight (with only occasional dancing breaks hee hee. Hubby put new outdoor speakers in the garden, which rock). I'm still so sore today, two days later!

That said, it was fun! I really enjoyed getting outside all day, and was almost happy to be back sitting in my desk on Monday to get a rest.

As for how the spring veggies are growing, well, I already mentioned that I harvested the radishes, which grew quite well. I was also able to harvest some baby arugula. The first ones I planted are already starting to bolt though, a bit dissapointing but not really surprising. No blooms on the peas yet, although at least now they're getting to be a couple feet tall. The lettuce seedlings are getting nice and big in their new outdoor home, and will probably be ready to harvest in a week or two.

Here's my old list of plants to be grown this year, with a star* next to the ones that have already been planted. I can't wait until everything grows in. Unfortunately, I can't update the blog with pics just yet - we can't find the camera battery. It is bound to show up sooner or later though.

From seed:
*Buttercrunch Lettuce
*Merveille De Quatre Saisons Butterhead Lettuce
*Vivian Romaine Lettuce
*Mesclun Salad Mix
*Spicy mesclun mix
*Red Leaf Romaine Lettuce- Silvia
*"Astro" Arugula
*Tendergreen Mustard Mache Gala (a.k.a. lamb's lettuce or corn salad)
*Red Ace Beet
*Detroit Dark Red, Medium Top Beet
*Beet Lutz Green Leaf
*Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard
*White Icicle Radish
*Easter Egg II Radish
*Early Scarlet Globe Radish
*Purple Top White Globe Turnip
*Pea Sugar Snap
*Dark Seeded Early Perfection Pea
*Carrot Napoli Hybrid
*garlic chives (still inside in seedling tray, but growing!)
*Malva sylrestris (hollyhock mallow, mystic merlin ) (still inside in seedling tray, but growing!)*Alcea rosea (Hollyhock Creme de Cassis) (still inside in seedling tray, but growing!)
*Bellis perennis (English Daisy Tasso Strawberries and Cream) (not germinating, these might not make it)
*Platycodon grandiflorum (Balloon Flower Astra White) (still inside in seedling tray, but growing!)
*Bergamot Lavender
*Monarda fistulosa (still inside in seedling tray, but growing!)
*Bergamot Panorama Red Shared (Monarda didyma) (not germinating, these might not make it)*Calendula Flashback Calendula officinalis
*Velvet Queen Sunflower
Calendula Oktoberfest
Nasturtium Rainbow Whirlybird Mix Tropaeoleum majus
Nasturtium Climbing Amazon Mix Tropaeolum majus
nasturtium Empress of India
Anise Hyssop (Mint Licorice)
Agastache foeniculum
White Yarrow Achillea millefolium
Jolly Jester Marigold
Summer Squash Tromboncino
Marketmore Cucumber
Cucumber Pearl Hybrid
Spinach Malabar Red Stem
Emerité Pole Bean

Purchased Nursery Plants:
*Pickling cucumbers
*Red Grape Tomatoes
*Yellow Grape Tomatoes
*Roma Plum Tomatoes
*Rutgers Tomatoes
*Italian peppers
*Kung Pao peppers
*Red Bell Peppers
*Yellow Bell peppers
*White Mint
*Tagetes tenuifolia (lemon, red & tangerine gem signet marigold)
Yellow Squash
Dianthus Firewitch
Red Dianthus

Already growing back from last year:
spicy oregano
curly parsley
Red Trumpet Honeysuckle


Old World Primitives said...

If there ever was a hardcore garden (or shall I say... backyard garden complex!), yours is it!


Jeni Treehugger said...

MY GODS! That is a LOT of home grown produce. You really are hardcore! And outside speakers sound the biz.
A good way to get rid of ants is Clove oil - they hate it. You can sprinkle Cloves down as well, if you can find where they're coming into the kitchen but seeing as yours got a free ride on your seedlings the oil would probably be the best option.

VeggieLadie said...

WOW. That is some serious gardening! And some serious devotion. Best of luck this growing season!

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