Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hudson River Pageant Pics

Wow, the pageant this year was just absolutely amazing. It was sooo much fun walking along the Hudson! The performances, particularly the river grass dance, boat dance, and harmonic convergence singers were incredible.

You can see us in the back left corner of the above picture. Our costumes - Solar Energy and Tidal Energy, were new this year, so we actually were right at the front of the parade the whole time along with two other energy spirits - Geothermal and Wind. We even had CFL lightbulbs on our heads, that were literally plugged in to my solar panel and bill's propeller!! haha

Here we are leading the parade behind two other new costumes (both brown) - Native Species Spirits, Oyster and Terrapin Turtle.
And here's the river grass dancers:
The picture of the front of the parade with the Native Species is from here:

The others are from here:

Both of these links have a lot more pics of the whole parade. I don't see any of the boat dance, which is too bad. It was soo cool - there were two big long row boats, and 4 kayakers. All of the boats were decorated and the rowers wearing costumes - they looked like something out of cirque du soleil. They paddled up and down the Hudson for about an hour, and even from far away you could see the silouette of the costume hats. Then, at the end for the performance they paddled in and did an intricate dance with their boats. One kayaker even did a full eskimo roll, in costume! I can hardly wait for next year already. :-)

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