Monday, May 19, 2008

Violet Miracle

Since I wanted to grow all edible plants in the backyard, and am a huge fan of the color purple, I thought violets would be great to grow and naturalize in the shady areas from the fence. I looked all over on the web trying to find native violets, which surprisingly seemed difficult to do. It seemed like they were so common, hardly any nurseries but specialists wanted to carry them. Of course, keep in mind I still don't have a car- so I was limited to what I could find on the internet. With early spring quickly dissappearing, I resigned myself to being without violets for this season.

Then one day, low and behold- I see little purple flowers that looked an awful lot like violets pop out amongst the weeds! Would you believe, they were already growing by the fence! What luck, I couldn't believe my eyes! When my mom's friend the Master Gardener came overhe confirmed that they were indeed wild violets! Of course, the trick is going to be getting rid of the weeds without killing them. For now I've just left it as is, a project for another day. But we don't mow over in that area so they can grow. And boy oh boy, do they smell great! I love these violets, they are so pretty!

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