Friday, February 12, 2010

Leur Existence - Tree Project
I'm super excited to be going to this exhibit at the Horticultural Society of New York today. It is a display of trees people have grown from seeds of second and third generation hibaku trees. These are trees that survived the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima.

Apparently, no one thought anything would grow again for 75 years, but within two months, new buds appeared on the burnt remains of these trees that are still alive today.

Hiroshi Sunairi, who was born in Hiroshima in 1972, began giving seeds of the trees to people around the world. For this exhibition, seeds of Round Leaf Holly, Persimmon, Chinaberry, Chinese Parasol, Japanese Hackberry, Jujube and Platanus were distributed to nearly 400 participants in 23 countries. Today I'll see about 30 trees loaned by people who've been growing them here in the New York City area.

I'll be going with a good friend of mine who is an artist and plant lover as well. He makes beautiful pottery that he uses for planting, and transforms them into gorgeous terrariums. He's been in contact with the curator, who told him they still have some seeds left even though it is the last day. He is definitely going to try to grow one and I may also too. I don't know anything about growing trees, and don't have any space outside to plant one in my little yard. But I am going to try to find out what kind of care they need, and if I'd be able to grow it inside. If I think I could do a good job (I don't want to waste one of these precious seeds!) I'm going to take one too.

The horticultual society is only open to 6 during the week, and not at all on weekends so that's why I haven't been able to go until today. We get out early at 3pm for President's Day weekend so I can go today, on the last day of the exhibit! I can't wait until 3 to see these trees!!


Chris said...

very cool! do you know if it's a traveling exhibit? would love to see it.

Aubade said...

I'm not sure...but anybody can participate and get seeds by emailing the address in the press release.

Christiane said...


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