Monday, January 18, 2010

Not a Fail Afterall. Hooray!

It turns out the carrots and turnips weren't dead afterall! It warmed up and hit 50 this Saturday, so I went outside to see if the carrots were still edible. To my surprise, the green tops had perked back up and looked alive! They were still damaged, but nowhere nearly as bad as the greens in the other bed (which are definitely still dead, or at least dormant).

The next test was taste, and the carrots passed with flying colors! Sweet and cruchy, they tasted just as good as they did in the summer. So I picked 90% of them. I figured I might as well eat them when I knew the eating was good, before it snows again. I left in just a few as a test, to see how long they'll last.

The turnips were also alive, but the ones I picked seemed a tiny bit soft. I am still going to try cooking them to see how they taste, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

I lightly steamed the carrots along with some green beans, then finished them off in a saute pan with a bit of vegan butter, toasted fennel seeds and garlic. They were delicious! It was my first time using fennel seeds like that. I would definitely make this dish again (it was based off this recipe).

I had two friends over for dinner last night so I served them along with chickpea cutlets parmigiana (with Teese mozarella), homemade teese & unpepperoni stromboli, and saffron risotto from Nonna's Italian Kitchen.
We also had an endive and apple salad as a first course. Next year my goal is to grow endives so we can have them fresh in the winter. In any case, my friends were happy they trekked on NJ transit all the way from the LES. :-)

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