Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Winter Solstice!

OK, so it is actually tomorrow but I wanted to make sure I got something posted in celebration of the shortest day of the year. It is tough to think about, since we have two or three more months of the coldest weather to endure, but at least the days will be getting longer from now on!

Above is a picture of some of my holiday decorations out front. I made these trees out of the tomato cages I used in my garden the past two seasons. I figure I might as well use them for something in the off season! I got the garland on super sale after last xmas, so it was just a few bucks to make these cute decorations. Then I'll just unwrap and save the garland for next year, and use the tomato cages in my garden again over the summer.

You can also see we got a huge snowfall yesterday! Well, huge at least for this area. This is the most snow we've gotten in years, although I do remember getting this much quite often when I was younger. The neighbor across the street was so nice, and helped us (and our other neighbor) with his snowblower. Now that's teamwork in the holiday spirit. :-)

It is also the most snow my dog has seen yet, by far. He was completely buried to his belly, but once he got used to it I couldn't get him to come back inside! We played ball for so long my nose was frozen.Here are a few more pictures of my decorations.
The house outside:
And below is the Frasier Fir we cut from a local tree farm. Most of my decorations are hand me downs from my mother, which just makes them all that much more special to me. You can kind of see the set of soft handmade animals I still remember buying from a church bazaar in the 70's.

The rest is rainbow ornaments my partner gave me, peace decorations & disco balls. I love the tree so much! We keep falling asleep under it every night, with JJ the dog curled up on our comfy couch. This picture does no justice to how warm and festive it looks here in my house. I wish this season could last through March!!!
Now I've got to make several batches of Christmas cookies and food for my work potluck tomorrow (peanut butter soba noodles and morrocan carrots).

I wish everyone has a warm peaceful holiday and happy new year!

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Mandee said...

The decorations and snow looks fantastic! I wish my place looked as festive as yours :)

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