Friday, April 24, 2009

Earth Celebrations Hudson River Pageant: May 9th

Happy Belated Earth Day! I am getting so very excited for my upcoming earth celebration - when I will perform in a pageant to benefit the Hudson River. These pageants are always so much fun. I've been dressed up as a garden spirit by Felicia and her talented crew of volunteers about 6 or so times before, for 2 Winter Parades, 2 or 3 Spring Pageants, 1 television appearance and 1 charity event. The costumes and puppets are always so amazing!! They've been on hiatus for the past few years and I've missed it so much. I was thrilled when I got a call from them a few weeks ago requesting me to perform in this new parade for the Hudson!! And it is just even better that it will benefit my Hudson-Raritan Estuary, a cause I believe in as passionately as gardens. Afterall, we can't grow plants without clean water.

Here is a pic of me in the 13th Annual Spring Pageant back in 2003. Wow, I can hardly believe it was so long ago. I'm the Butterfly Spirit, wearing a purple costume with a yellow butterfly wing hat in the center. You can just see half of me behind the blue Water Spirit:The year after that, I was Mother Universe, the purple costume in the center of this picture below - which isn't me- but a picture of someone else in the costume another year.
I had such great time being Butterfly Spirit and Mother Universe. Though let me tell you, dancing with your arms held up to show off butterfly wings and universe symbol sleeves for over 8 hours is not easy!! Haha. Though it is well worth the next day's sore muscles.

I just found out today that they want me to be Wind Spirit this year. I've also convinced my partner to do it to! He is going to be Sun Spirit. I'm a little bit dissapointed, because although I didn't tell them, I really wanted to be a fish. I love fish. I may try to get it changed at the costume fitting next week. But either way, I know it will be amazing.

If you happen to be in the NYC area, they are always open to new volunteers. Anyone can participate! You can help them make the costumes at free workshops, or sign up to be a performer like me, or even carry a puppet or be a marshall. They is always more room for people to do something, even up to the day of the parade. Or just come out and watch the show!

You can find all the information here:

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