Sunday, November 9, 2008

Scary Belated Halloween Post

Boo! Its an army of ugly angry tomatoes coming to get us a little after Halloween! Scaaaary. Actually, these were some of the last red tomatoes I picked back on October 4th. But I'm posting them now because I just learned something new about ugly tomatoes- something called "catfacing" and "growth cracks". I think the tomatoes above are afflicted by growth cracks, though I had a couple with catfaces too. I just want to post the links I found here so I don't forget next summer.,7759,s-2-28-1121,00.html

Here's something positive for this post: I still picked 6 italian frying peppers like the ones above from my garden tonight, Nov. 9th! Amazing. They were delicious in this soyrizo polenta bake with some garden fresh oregano and a garden cayenne:

1 comment:

Jenn said...

Your late veggies still look awesomely fresh and Halloweeny.

and you have been tagged...

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