Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Garden that Keeps on Giving

I can't even believe it. We're expected to get snow tonight, and even though I picked everything I thought possible before the last frost almost a month ago, yesterday I still got an entire bowl full of veggies from the garden!

I picked this assortment of bell peppers to the left (green now, but hopefully will turn orange like they are supposed to after a little stay in a paper bag) and Italian green frying peppers on the right:
Then these habaneros. The ones towards the bottom, not in the tupperware- were picked just yesterday off of the plants left untouched outside in the garden. The really orange ones in the tupperware at the top of the pic were taken off of a plant we pulled out of the ground before the first frost mentioned a couple posts ago, and placed in a bucket full of water in the basement. At first they were green, but sure enough turned orange after about 2 weeks, and still look pretty decent as you can see. We need to make them into hot sauce or freeze them or something as soon as possible though. There were actually more of them that my crazy hot-loving husband has been eating all along as garnish on pretty much every meal (seriously- be puts them on his hash browns in the morning, and again on his pasta at night) . I still have yet to even touch them (and have no intention to do so!)

Finally, even more green grape tomatoes!!! This plant was like the little engine grape tomato that could. This whole bowlful was just picked yesterday on November 16th, and on top you can even see two red ones! Amazing to think that we've been harvesting red grape tomatoes from this same plant since early summer. Just Wow.


Jeni Treehugger said...

This is amazing! You could do some hot Green Tomato Chutney with that booty!
I managed to pick the last tiny Pepper off my Plant yesterday - it is tiny tiny and now all I have left are my Herbs to see through 'til Spring!
I never got round to Planting any Winter crops - BOO!

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

Your harvest looks wonderful! I really need to try a garden next year even if it's tiny.

Jenn said...

I can't believe you're still getting peppers and tomatoes!

They look really good, too. Not that the scary Halloween tomatoes didn't look good...

Zac's Water Garden Plants said...

Those look amazing, its so cold now no more fresh tomatoes for seven months. We still have some peppers picked but our garden is long gone and plants in the compost pile. Hello winter.

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