Friday, October 24, 2008

Seeds Grown in 2008

Here's the specific list of seeds that I grew this year. I have a lot leftover for most of them. I wonder if they will still be good to plant next spring, or do I have to buy new ones? Maybe putting them in the freezer will help, like how I keep my seeds for sprouting. I have no idea, guess I gotta research an answer. Some definitely grew better than others, so I noted the results below as well. E = Excellent, A = Average, P = Poor

Spring 2008. All were direct sowed outside in the beginning of May unless otherwise specified.

Seed Savers Exchange:
  • E = Velvet Queen Sunflower - Helianthus annuus. These were great, will definitely grow again.
  • A = Five Color Silverbeet (Rainbow Swiss Chard) - Beta vulgaris. Slow to grow but good once they did.
  • A = Scarlet Runner Bean - Phaseolus coccineus. Grew well, looked pretty, but did not produce enough beans.
  • A = Early Scarlet Globe Radish - Raphanus sativus. These grew well but too quickly. Had gigantic tall spiky leaves but tiny, tough roots. Only a few were edible.
  • A = Jolly Jester Marigold - Tagetes patula. Slow to grow but nice once they did.
  • P = Empress of India Nasturtium - Troaeolum minus. These were a real disappointment. Grew about 3 inches tall, bloomed lovely red flowers that tasted wonderful, then mysteriously died. Maybe b/c they were in hanging pot on the porch?
  • P = Spearmint - Mentha viridis. Awful. Grew 2 inches tall if that, then died. Maybe b/c they were also in a hanging pot on the porch.
  • P = Cilantro - Coriandrum sativum. A few managed to grow about 6 inches tall, then died. Did not reseed.
  • P = Grandma Einck's Dill - Anethum graveolens. A few little seedlings grew about 2 inches tall, then died. Did not even go to seed.
  • P = Scarlet Nantes Carrot - Daucus carota. These grew, but the carrots only ever got about 1 or 2 inches long, and thin. Maybe b/c they got overshadowed by peppers and didn't get enough sun though.
Park Seed:
  • E = 5557 Cucumber Pearl Hybrid. These were awesome, totally unexpectedly, since they were included in my order for free. Germinated two plants inside in peat pots, then planted outside when they had two or three leaves. They ended up growing just as well, if not better, than a super healthy nursery cucumber I planted right next to them.
  • P = 5660 Spinach Malabar Red Stem. Direct sowed outside in June. Did not germinate at all.
Sean Conway (from Target):
  • E = Parsley (plain) - Certified Organic, Single Italian Flat leaf. This plant grew extremely well. Seemed a little slow at first, but this was probably normal. I bought a curly-leaf plug plant from the nursery and in the end, they both grew to be equally large sized plants.
  • A = Calendula Oktoberfest. These seemed very slow to grow, and most did not germinate. I planted many seeds but only 4 mature plants resulted. These took a long time to bloom, like 3 months. Finally really blossomed in October, oddly enough now that I look at the name! But once they did, they were great.
Purchased but never planted:
  • Seed Savers Historic Pansies Mixture Viola x wittrockiana
  • Park Seed Delosperma Floribunda Stardust
  • Sean Conway Organic Lavender
Fall 2008. All direct sown outside on the first weekend of August:

Seed Savers:
  • E = Early Scarlet Globe Radish - Raphanus sativus. These were fantastic in the fall. Nice big roots and healthy leaves. Delicious! Must have just been too hot for them in the summer.
  • A = Lacinato Kale - Brassica oleracea. These grew quite well, but got eaten by imported cabbage worms. Also, some plants are still small regardless of worm damage.
  • E = Purple-Top White Globe Turnip. These grew well and were absolutely delicious. Can't wait to grow them again.
  • E = Mesclun Salad Mix (Black Seeded Simpson, Red Salad Bowl, Lollo Rossa and Royal Oak Leaf Lettuces, plus Arugula Rocket and Radicchio Red Verona). Easy and delicious winners.
  • E = Rare Red Leaf Romaine Lettuce- Silvia. Easy and delicious winners.
  • E = Spicy Mesclun Mix (Lettuce Red Salad Bowl, Mustard Mizuna, Endive Green Curled, Paricchio Red Treviso and Arugula Rocket). Easy and delicious winners.
  • A = Organic Detroit Dark Red, Medium Top Beet. These were yummy but very small. The whole crop only made 9 baby beets.
  • A = Dark Seeded Early Perfection Pea. Super delicious, but average growth and production. Got about 30 pods then no more grew.
  • P = Spinach, Baby's Leaf Hybrid. Nearly 3 months after planting still only3 inches tall. Most did not even germinate.

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WOAH! That's a LOT of Seeds. I always keep my Seeds in an airtight container in a cool place. Not sure about keeping them in the freezer - never heard of that!
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