Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Un-gardeny Freezer

So, back on Oct. 16th Jeni Treehugger tagged me, so I've got to show a picture of my freezer, describe its contents then tag 5 other bloggers. This was the original brainchild of Billy from Vegan Talk. My freezer is kinda scary, and not so garden-y, but here goes.

The only thing I have from my garden in the freezer is two ziploc baggies of parsley, which you can see I placed right in the front on either side of the ice cube trays on the bottom shelf. Hopefully next year the garden will be bigger so we'll have to fill the freezer with frozen garden veggies instead of the gianourmous veggie mix bag from Costco! At least the good news is that big bag has been sitting there forgotten all summer, replaced by fresh garden produce.

(I feel I should also explain why there is food and a big white bag of store bought ice in the ice cube machine section- it is broken. /obv. We inherited this refrigerator with the house when we bought it in March, and since it works otherwise and refrigerators are expensive, we're making do.)

Some other items in there include boca burgers, bombay curry veggie burgers, amy's pot pie, bagels, soft pretzels, hasbrowns, tater tots, Trader Joe's 'chiken' nuggets & 'meat'balls, homemade butternut squash soup, some seeds for sprouting (ok that's kinda garden-y too), leftover lentils, peas, spinach, fruit ice pops & pierogies. There is other stuff in there but honestly even I don't know what it all is. One of these days I guess I should clean it.

Here's a pic of the outside too, since it is more fun than the inside. I love my magnet collection, and the picture of the newborn baby that two of my oldest friends just had in September. You can see her hair even in this tiny pic- toooo cute!

What I'd really like to point out though, is the awesome Grow Peace magnet. My mom actually bought it for me and she doesn't know about this blog (she's old school and doesn't even want email). LOVE IT!! Thanks Mom! Maybe now I'll have to show her this post next time I see her. Here's a close up with a big tray of the green tomatoes we harvested over the weekend on top (which didn't quite make it into jars last night).
Now I gotta find 5 other bloggers to tag. Who should they be? I'm really new to all this blog stuff...I never knew there were all these blog games and activities until veganmofo!

Update: Ok I'm done. Tagged:
1. Vegan Dance if You Want To
2. Typing While Eating
3. Vegan Coach
4. The Elizavegan Page
5. The I-40 Kitchen

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Jeni Treehugger said...

Cool idea to show the outside of your freezer too...I have to say the outside of mine is more interesting than the inside as well!

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