Sunday, June 2, 2013

Homegrown Berries Can't Be Beat

There they are, this year's first ripe berries. I picked them on May 30, and we ate them!

I can't help saying that now every time we harvest something from the garden. It comes from one of my son's favorite books: In the Garden.

The book goes through a variety of fruits and vegetables like, "the green beans grow on a vine" and then says, "I pick it and eat it!" Even my son says that now when we go outside in our own garden.

He was thrilled to eat the fresh strawberry and thought it was delicious. They really are so much tastier than the ones you buy in the store.

Too bad I won't be getting many more this year! There are a couple more about to be ripe, but I don't think we'll get more than a handful or two.

On a positive note, the trees have grown over the fence a lot more this year, so the strawberry bed is in shade half the day. Hopefully this year they won't get burnt to a crisp if we have another heatwave.

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