Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First Harvest of 2011

Today I picked a bunch of mache that self-seeded when I let a few plants go to seed last spring. Here they all are in the bed:
And close up:
Unfortunately I think they've already started to bolt. You can see the middle leaves are starting to get taller - that's going to shoot up into a seed stalk pretty soon. They were probably at their peak in March, but I missed it. So, I picked a bunch today and made a salad with mandarin oranges, walnuts and raspberry vinaigrette.
This was the first time I ever ate mache, even though I grew it last year. (I totally missed the harvest window then since I had no idea they'd go to seed so quickly) It was delicious! The taste was very light and delicate. I can see why this green is also called lamb's lettuce - it evoked softness and spring.

I picked some chard and arugula that self-seeded too, and sauteed them with garlic and lemon. We had that as a side to whole wheat angel hair with white bean sauce. I'm not going to post pics of those, since that's pretty basic and look just like the chard & arugula I've posted here before. But it sure was nice to have fresh greens with no gardening work on my part at all!

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