Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2010 Retrospective: Bee Balms

The bee balms above are a bit of a mystery. I planted the red ones from seed (monarda didyma) then realized they were a bit too far back, so I thought they might not do well in the shade. I purchased another plant that I thought was the same exact variety, and planted it in front. Well, it turned out to be pink! So now I have both plants intermingled there. Maybe one day I can separate and replant, but really it isn't so bad.

Here is my other bee balm. Also known as wild bergamot, its scientific name is monarda fitulosa. This isn't the greatest picture, since they look a bit more lilac colored in person. But I like how it sort of gives the feel of how cute it is to round that corner on the path, with the other flowers around it. I'm not sure what the yellow ones in the foreground are (an impulse buy!) but in the back are someblack eyed susans and echinacea.

The bee balm certainly lives up to its name! The bees and butterflies love them.

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