Friday, February 11, 2011

2011 Planting Plan

It's that time of year again. I think I'm actually a bit late in planning even though it is only February, since I'm hoping to grow tomatoes from seed this year. It will be my first time so I need to learn more about the particulars, but I think I need to start the seeds pretty soon.

I'm only going to do 2 tomato plants this year, since most of them did really poorly last year. That's also why I want to grow them from seed - I'm trying to grow varieties that are resistant to blight. I know Sungold cherry tomatoes are one, since they did ok last year despite all 5 other tomato plants failing. I read about some others: the mountain series, ferline, legend & fantasio (which only seems to be available in the UK). They all appear to be determinate, except for ferline, but it is late season. Legend is early season, but determinate. I'm tempted to grow both, but then I won't have room for ground cherries. So I still need to decide.

I'm also cutting down on pepper plants this year. The italian fryers and mini orange peppers did great last year, while the bell peppers did hardly anything so I'm eliminating those. I didn't like the nardello or pepperoncini much, even though they grew very well. So I'm sticking with Marconi Golden and Little Dickens. I think I might try bananarama for green fryers just for something different. And I might replace the bells with a hungarian blocky type. As for hots, my husband barely ate any last year, even though they grew ok, so I told him he lost his privilege to my limited garden space lol. So I'm only growing 1 jalapeno for my salsas.

I thought this would leave me with a lot of extra room to fit in somewhat exotic plants I couldn't fit in before like endives and ground cherries, but in compiling this plan I quickly realized once again my imagination outpaces my limited space! I wanted to add some bush beans and soybeans this year, but there just isn't going to be room. And I'll probably only get a handful of peas but what are you gonna do.

So here it is, drumroll please:

BED ONE (large + fence) 42 x 94.5 = 3.5' x 7.9' = 27.6' = 27.5'
Spring: turnips & carrots
Summer: green beans, turnips & carrots
fall: radishes & lettuce
BED TWO (small + fence) 31.5 x 46 = 2.6' x 3.8' = 9.8 sq ' = 10'
Spring through fall: endives
Summer: cool breeze cucumbers
In front of beds 1 & 2: gem marigolds
Front: calendula bed
Fence: climbing nasturtiums
BED THREE (small) 31.5 x 47.5 = 2.6' x 3.9' = 10.14 = 10'
Spring through fall: Strawberries & Chard
Behind bed three: Chamomile & Borage, lavender
BED FOUR (large) 58.5 x 126 = 4.9' x 10.5' = 51.45' = 51.5'
Spring: radishes, lettuce, cabbage & arugula
Summer: ground cherries, tomatoes, squash, basil
fall: maybe lettuce & cabbage
BED FIVE (large + fence)
Spring: peas & radishes
Summer: trombochino & peppers
Fall: same
BED SIX (large + fence) 39" x 94" - 3' x 7' - 21 sq '
Spring: leeks, mustard greens & lettuce
Summer: diva & rocky cucumbers
Fall: leeks, arugula, mustard greens, mache
nearby: bush nasturtiums

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1013 World View said...

I like this plan, I hope to get some of the harvest plenty!!!

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