Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Radish Harvest

I didn't plant a lot of radishes this year. I thought I'd do a second batch but never got around to it. That's ok, I still got a decent harvest. They weren't nearly as big as last year though. I guess all the rain last year must have made the roots grow big. Here's the first batch I picked on May 9th - 3 Easter Egg in the top row, then I think a mix of Crimson Red and Sparkler White Tip:Then I picked the rest on May 15th to make room for the tomatoes and peppers. These are all the Easter Eggs:And the rest of the Crimson Reds and White Tips:
Hopefully I'll have the time to plant another crop in the fall.


Diane-Sage said...

Hi...just found your blog and checking it all out. I am enjoying it throughly. Love the radishes and envy that you have a garden. I live with another family who is not into that, and I am a vegi and they are not. So I live thru blogs like yours to keep me in the loop, to learn and to dream

Aubade said...

Hi Diane. I was like you for 8 years, living in the city with no place to garden. So now that I finally got a backyard I really went all out! I'm glad you're enjoying my blog. :-)

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