Monday, April 5, 2010

Just Reserved my Tomato and Pepper Plants!

Whoa, talk about too much of a good thing! They have so many varities at Cross Country Nursery my head almost exploded trying to pick just a few. I ended up buying 2 more tomato plants than I had planned, and 3 extra peppers. I think I may have to nix my edamame test, and grow a few less chinese cabbage. But wow, will it be worth it! If we have a good season this summer, I'm going to have a rainbow of delicious gourmet tomatoes and peppers!

Here's a list of the exact varities I reserved. Since the nursery is in NJ, I'm going to pick them up around May 10th.

Medium Round Globe Tomatoes:
1 MATINA (Red)

Cherry Tomatoes:
1 GRAPE (Red)

Sweet Bell Peppers:
1 BELL BOY HYBRID (Green to Red)
1 LADY BELL HYBRID (Green to Red)
1 ARIANE (Orange, super sweet)
1 ORANGE SUN (Orange)

Italian Frying Types
2 CUBANELLE (Light Green to Red)
1 NARDELLO (Green to Red, long & thin)

Hot Peppers
1 ANCHO MULATO (Dark Green to Brown, mild)
1 JALAPENO TAM (Green to Red, mild-medium)
1 THAI HOT DRAGON HYBRID (Green to Red, very hot)

Assorted Peppers
1 PEPERONCINI (Green to Orange to Red, for pickling)
1 YUMMY ORANGE (Orange, small size)
1 LITTLE DICKENS (Orange, mini size, upright)

Wheeeee! (I really do get way too excited about gardening. lol)
Now I just have to pick 4 basil plants to add on to my order (they're only available at the nursery so you have to reserve them with a follow up email). Here we go again...

Update: OK, I picked my basils. That was so hard - there are so many on their website I never heard of, and they don't have descriptions like the tomatoes and peppers. I was able to narrow it down because my partner and I don't like Thai or lemon types, so I tried to pick big leaved, sweet aromatic varities. This is what I settled on:

2 Genovese
1 Osmin Purple
1 Red Rubin

Then of course I had to get two more than I planned haha. I got smaller compact varieties, since I figure these can fit in the front of the bed:

1 Summerlong
1 Magical Michael

I would like to try to save the seeds so I can grow them myself next year, but I think they may cross-pollinate so I'm not sure if that's possible.


Chris and his Sweet Basil said...

Oh I totally understand the gardening excitement! I have a couple of Basil plants myself. They're the best!

ashley said...

Do you have any advice on starting bell pepper seeds?

I "started" three in peat pots outside, but they haven't sprouted.

Is it essential to start them inside?


Aubade said...

Sorry Ashley, I have no clue. I always just buy my pepper plants. Good luck!

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