Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tonight's Dinner: Quick Taco Special

Ok, this one is really going to be short, still b/c of these darn reports. (almost done!!)

Not even sure if this really counts as a blog post, but I'm going to fudge it a bit and say this does add to my veganmofo count.

Tonight I had crispy tacos, one of my favorite things to eat. I hadn't had them in a long time due to fried tortilla-type things being off limits to my diet, so this was really a special treat. (the good news is my diet is working - I lost 20lbs so far and it has been staying off. Just 10 more to go)

I don't have a picture since I ate them so fast but they involved spanish rice w/ spiced chili beans, shredded spinach, sprouts, diced red onion, and the stars of the show: chopped red and yellow grape tomatoes fresh from the garden, and the delicious green tomato salsa I made last year! Almost unbelievable, but it was as good as the day I made it! Gotta love preserving.

Looking at the pictures from last year about how I made this salsa really makes me realize how disappointing the tomato crop was this year from all the bad weather. I have maybe 10 green roma tomatoes on the vine, and no Rutger's at all. Nothing like last year - just look at 'em all.... *sigh*

I'll update this blog with some pictures of this years tomato crop soon.

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