Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tomatoes in October

So there the tomatoes are, on October 3rd - in all of the garden's late fall glory. I just love how the climbing nasturtiums are growing up amongst them.

I'm also glad the tomato cages we built worked well. Sometimes it was a bit hard to fit my hand or the bigger tomatoes through the smaller holes, but not too bad. As you can see they haven't rusted at all so I think we'll get many more seasons out of them. Over the winter I think I'll cut some more big squares to fit my hand through, and use a dremel to file the sharp edges - since I did get a few scratches from the cut wire edges this season.
Above is little bit more close up - I know it doesn't look like much more than a huge tangle in these pictures! You also don't see many ripe ones because I had picked them all just before taking the picture. I dehydrated those as an experiment in my new dehydrator, which you'll see the results on in one of the next posts.

You can also see the plants got kind of brown towards the bottom. That actually started happening over a month ago, so it isn't just normal late season browning. I think that was also caused by the terrible weather earlier this summer.
Mr. Aubade picked more all throughout the week, that we ate with tacos and in salads. And here is the harvest I got today - along with two more amazing squash!! Can you even believe these things?? I actually got out the measuring tape this time, they were a full 32 inches long!! I'll also post more about these later.

Now let's check out a close up of each individual plant, all taken last weekend on October 4th. First, the Roma:

Here's the grapes - yellow on the left and red on the right.

Finally, here is the Rutgers. Most of the green towards the top of the left picture is actually the red grape that grew over onto the Rutgers cage. It is really just the little curled up plant towards the bottom. And the big red ones on the right are what I picked today that are pictured above.

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Chris and his Tomatoes said...

Hi! Did you grow your tomatoes from seed? How long did it take for them to grow that big?

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