Saturday, October 17, 2009

Guess What? Yep, More Super Squash!!

Just look at these things!! They measured a full 32" long. The one on the right I definitely left on the vine too long, but I was super busy with those darn reports (which are finally done!) and just couldn't get to it fast enough.

I made the one on the left into an awesome lasagna. I didn't use any recipe - just made it similar to the way I always make my lasagna for Christmas dinner, except I used a mandolin to make 1/8 inch thick long ribbons, and used those instead of lasagna noodles. Then I layered it something like the following list:

  1. Squash ribbons
  2. sliced fresh-picked Rutger's tomatoes
  3. Italian frying peppers and diced onion
  4. fresh herbs including thyme, marjoram & oregano
  5. tomato sauce
  6. a few big leaves of chard
  7. cashew ricotta from veganomicon
  8. lentils
  9. more squash ribbons
  10. Italian frying peppers and diced onion
  11. more herbs & sauce
  12. chard again
  13. cashew ricotta
  14. lentils
  15. halved grape tomatoes
  16. a layer of basil
  17. the last of the squash ribbons
  18. more ricotta, a couple dehydrated grape tomatoes, crushed black pepper and chreesy almond sprinkles on top
Then I slow baked it till everything was tender. It was sooooo good, you could barely even tell it was squash and not pasta. I would definitely make this again.
The rest got dehydrated for later use. It made a boatload! I figure I can puree it into soup. Some I could even eat as chips. Others I dehydrated in the ribbon shape may even be able to be reconsituted and made into another lasagna. I don't have a good picture of the result, except in a group shot with the other stuff I dried. But it will show up sooner or later in another post.

The best thing of all was when I came home from grocery shopping last Saturday, my neighbors called me into their yard. They wanted to know if the squash that came over their fence was ready to pick! I couldn't even believe it...luckily I had my camera in my bag so I could get a few pics. As you can see, just one huge squash was suspended through the fence. There was only 4 little leaves - it wasn't even a whole vine that had climbed over. Somehow just the squash grew through the slats. Once again, this squash managed to amaze me. I love it! I told them they could prepare it any way they would regular zuchinni. I had already given them some of the bread I'd made, and they said it was really good. I can't wait to find out what they made with it.

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