Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Basil Pesto and NYC Style Pasta Brunch

I had this whole epic post about sweet peppers 3/4ths written, and then discovered that the central recipe for the post has disappeared. I have no idea where it is, and it is one of my favorite recipes. Boo!

In the meantime I'll just have to post this quickie leftover from a September Sunday brunch. Which isn't so bad, since this New York style brunch (i.e., it happened in late afternoon) was super delicious.

As you can see above, it was a simple pasta dish. I made the sauce with diced tomatoes and peppers from the garden (bell, italian green fryers and jalapenos), plus shredded carrots, onions and garlic from the store. I slow sauteed these things with my usual herb combination - thyme, oregano, marjoram and bay leaf, then served it over angel hair pasta.

I'd usually put some basil in there too, except this time I made a basil pesto to go with it. That's the dollop on top. It is sort of a funny color since I used purple basil, but wow was this purple basil delicious. I'm not really sure what type it is, since I bought a mixed pack of assorted basil. It was very floral. Even though it had bolted and grown flower heads by that point, it didn't taste bitter at all - just the most wonderful flavor.

Below is the best picture I can find of this mixed basil patch. You can kind of see it behind the Calendula flower bed. From left to right it is green, purple, green, purple. I had no idea what they would end up like when I planted them, or else I would have done it differently. It was basically like a basil grab bag. I think there was definitely some kind of lemon basil in there, which I really didn't like - it tasted medicinal. Also, some kind of really short basil with beautiful flowers. I think there was at least two plants of good old green Genovese - that and the purple (maybe Opal?) definitely tasted the best. Next year I think I'll definitely grow those two.
Below is a picture of the leaves before I pureed them, with a bit of olive oil (not a lot, b/c of the diet again), nutritional yeast, walnuts and garlic. I probably put salt and pepper in there too - I didn't use a recipe, just whizzed it all in the food processor. It's hard to go wrong with these ingredients inmho.Then I also had the italian pepper almond chreeze discussed in a previous post dolloped on top, and on a whole wheat english muffin. See, it involved an English muffin - thus making it brunch. haha

I wish I could have more leisurely sunny Sundays spent in the garden like that September day...


Debra said...

It looks delish! But I especially loved the pictures of your garden!
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Debra @ Vegan Family Style

Chris and his Sweet Basil said...

Hello there! Nice looking pesto you got there. Did you use olive oil to saute?

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