Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Amazing Ever Expanding Cockscomb

Mostly everything in my garden is edible, even the flowers. However, this year I did make a few exceptions to attract more pollinators. So, when my cousin gave me a little pot of cockscomb seedlings this summer, I happily accepted and planted them.

Well, little did I know how these were going to grow! To the above left you see them just planted on August 1st. Then starting to get some cute little flowers on August 29th below:
And then blammo! Here they are on September 20th, as tall as the black raspberry bush behind them!

I just couldn't believe they grew so tall. They're only annuals, but my cousin said they self-sow profusely (which is why she had so many to give me) so I'm hoping they'll grow back next year.

I can see a ton of black seeds in the flowers, so I'm going to try saving some just in case they don't.

Fortunately, not only are they beautiful, but the pollinators also love them! All of the following pictures were taken one after another, with all the insects on the plants at the same time (plus more that aren't pictured). I'm sure they must be helping get all those squash pollinated. (see mofoers, this post is related to vegan food afterall!)

Quite a few of them grew into big beatiful brain-like combs. I knew from seeing them in stores before that they make great cut flowers, and retain their color well when dried. So I cut a bunch for a bouquet. That was last Saturday, and today they're still as fresh looking as last week. I plan to dry and save them too.


Jeni Treehugger said...

That is one cool flower. Not seen them before but I love them.

Debra said...

What a cool flower..

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