Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Midsummer Meal

This was last nights dinner. A little random, but it used up everything I picked from the garden. On the left was a quinoa, turnip green, smoked tempeh & almond dish. It was garnished with lightly sauteed red and yellow grape tomatoes on top. (we've gotten about 10 so far - I can't wait till the tomatoes really get going over the next couple weeks!!) The turnips were diced and sauteed in garlic, smoke flavor, onion & red pepper flakes. It was delicious! The almond added just the right amount of crunch. I got the idea here: Novel Eats Simply Vegan blog Thanks Samantha.

In the middle are dill pickles made from 10 pickling cucumbers & a packet of Ball dill mix. Also added some kung pao peppers from the garden and a bit of garlic. I didn't do a water bath with them - just refrigerated in two jars. I don't think we'll have any problem eating them within two weeks. I already ate almost half a jar myself yesterday! Above you see the cucumbers (I didn't use the three on the right - those were left on the vine too long) and below is the final product. I picked 6 more today.

Finally on the right are more mashed turnips and potatoes. I really can't get enough of those. On top is a beautiful edible Amazon Jewel climbing nasturtium - it was really delicious! Floral yet spicy. I'm looking forward to more of these gorgeous blooms. Here's a collage of the various colors. I took all of these pics last night. The hardest part is picking them to eat - I just want to keep looking at them.

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