Monday, March 16, 2009

Sweet! My First Spring Pea

At least I think that's what this is. I noticed it on Saturday, in just the right spot where we planted the Sugar Snaps outside under the trellis. Looks a little crinkly but I think it's the first pea to grow this season! I can't wait for fresh peas mm mmm.

I also planted the Dark Seeded Early Perfection Pea variety leftover from last fall, but none of those have sprouted yet as far as I can see.

Then last week, in the middle of the night- I was a midnight poker! Not a joker, or a smoker, but a seed poker. (oh my) Don't know what came over me, must have been the warm weather I guess- but I decided I just had to plant a row of arugula about 11:30 at night. hahaha None of them have sprouted yet either.

Finally, last night we started some radishes. It was still a bit too cold, my soil thermometer said 46-47, but the package said ideal soil temp for radishes is 55 - 80. So I only planted 1 sq. foot with 5 white radish and 6 easter egg radish seeds as an experiment. I hope they grow!

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