Monday, March 2, 2009

Final, Really Final Plan for Spring 2009. No really.

This is probably getting repetitive, but what can I say - I'm a planner. Always have been. Plus, since my garden is so small and my wish list so big, I really wanted to make sure I could fit everything in there. As mentioned before, last year I had a problem with spacing so this year I'm trying to give them plenty of room. When you add in trying to rotate crops, plus spring, summer and fall planting- it quickly gets very complicated! So, plan I must.

I believe this is the final version. The planting dates are based on that Farmer's Almanac link I found to go with the correct moon phase. I would love to get the early crops in by March 10th, but with this awful winter we're having I don't know if that will happen and I may have to wait until the end of the month. Especially because we still have to build bedsfive and six! The piles of soil are already there under tarps, but they're still frozen solid under about 8 inches of snow. Guess we'll see what happens! Just in case, I'm starting some lettuce inside now to give them a jump.

1. BED ONE (large + fence) 42 x 94.5 = 3.5' x 7.9' = 27.6' = 27.5'
a. Mar 7-10, Mar 26-31 Pea Sugar Snap (6 inch row)
b. Mar 26-Apr 9 Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard Seed* 9”apart (each corner)
c. 6/1 Tendergreen Mustard – later- when the peas get taken out
d. Mar 1-10, Mar 26-31 Four mesclun, four mache (12” row)
e. Mar 1-10, Mar 26-31 8 four seasons Butterhead Lettuce Seed 12-18”apart
f. Mar 1-10, Mar 26-31 4 each red & Vivian romaine (12” row)

Additional Note: Omg I just realized I forgot the Buttercrunch lettuce! All this, and I still forgot one. Unbelieveable! Well, it will probably fit where I'm thinking the mache will go now. Those can probably be smooshed in elsewhere since they are pretty small.

2. BED TWO (small + fence) 31.5 x 46 = 2.6' x 3.8' = 9.8 sq ' = 10'
a. Mar 11-25 Radish/Mar 1-10, Mar 26-31 Mesclun (early growing)
b. Apr 24-30 trombocino squash (6 inch row)
c. Apr 24-30 jalapeno & cayenne (2 feet x 3.8)

3. BED THREE (small) 31.5 x 47.5 = 2.6' x 3.9' = 10.14 = 10'
a. Mar 7-10, Mar 26-31 Strawberries Early = Earliglow, noreaster Mid: Allstar, Guardian Neutral: Tristar
b. Mar 7-10, Mar 26-31 Peas

4. BED FOUR (large) 58.5 x 126 = 4.9' x 10.5' = 51.45' = 51.5'
a. Mar 11-25 Radish/Mar 1-10, Mar 26-31 Mesclun (early growing)
b. Mar 1-10, Mar 26-31 Interplant with arugula (early, but spaced so that we can plant summer plants on Apr. 30)
c. Apr 24-30 Four tomato plants
d. Basil
e. Apr 24-30 Italian Peppers

5. BED FIVE (large + fence)
a.Mar 11-25 Radish (early growing)/ Mar 1-10, Mar 26-31 Mesclun (early growing)
b. Apr 24-May 9 Cucumbers
c. Apr 24-30 Bell Peppers
d. Apr 24-30 Yellow Squash (one in corner)
e. Apr 24-30 Habanero

6. BED SIX (large + fence) 39" x 94" - 3' x 7' - 21 sq '
a. Apr 24-30 Filet beans
b. 2 Dandelion (each corner)** maybe put something else here (flowers?) in spring then plant these in fall
c. Mar 15-25 Turnips (12” row)
d. Mar 15-25 Beets (12” row)
e. Mar 11-25 Carrots (12” row)

7. BED SEVEN (shade, in ground)
a. Mint
b. Ferns

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