Thursday, February 12, 2009

Garden Dimensions

Not a very exciting post, but I need to record this. I just took the measurements of my garden beds. We built them last year just where they seemed to fit, with however many bags of soil/cinder blocks we had at the time. No measuring was involved whatsoever. So today I went out there with a tape measure and got some data to use in planning where I will plant what this year. I definitely want to be more careful than last year, because several of the plants got ruined from being too close together. The jalapeno and cayenne were swallowed by the tomatoes and the carrots totally covered by the peppers. Not this year if I can help it!

first small bed near left fence by herb garden: 31.5 x 46 = 2.6' x 3.8' = 9.8 sq ' = 10'
second small bed near herb garden 31.5 x 47.5 = 2.6' x 3.9' = 10.14 = 10'
large bed near left fence: 42 x 94.5 = 3.5' x 7.9' = 27.6' = 27.5'
largest bed built last in the fall: 58.5 x 126 = 4.9' x 10.5' = 51.45' = 51.5'

total approximate square footage of garden = 99

I can hardly believe it is almost 100 square feet. That sounds way bigger than it seems.

Soon we'll have another two large beds on the other side of the yard too. The piles of soil are already there, covered in tarp- but we've got to wait for the freezing night temps to subside before we can dig them up.

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