Saturday, July 26, 2008

Herb Garden

This is the herb garden on July 25th. As you can see, I planted it in the ground, not in a raised bed. I figured it was okay to put them right in the ground since the only other garden I really ever had in my adult life was in this same neighborhood, about 1 mile from here, and the herbs I planted grew awesome in the ground.

So here we have baby heirloom sunflowers along the back fence, with a red trumpet native, non-invasive honeysuckle growing up the center trellis. Unfortunately the honeysuckle doesn't seem to be doing too well. I would have thought since it was native it would have grown like crazy, but it seems to be hardly growing at all. Maybe it isn't getting enough light due to the shadow of the fence. I think I may try to move it to a sunnier area.

Then, if we move clockwise in a spiral from the bottom right (I did try to plant this herb garden in a spiral, not sure if you really can tell) there are two little heirloom calendula plants, a wispy dill that really didn't do well at all so you can barely see it, oregano, spicy oregano, rosemary, sage, more wispy cilantro that barely grew, roman chamomile, thyme, lemon thyme, and tarragon. Everything was a plant from the nursery except for the calendula, dill and cilantro which were all seedsaver heirlooms that I direct sowed.

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Jeni Treehugger said...

Niiiice. Give the Honeysuckle time - it will soon go mad!

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